News & agenda

  • Sunny Summer paintings
    On the local townsquare “De Vismarkt” 140 childeren will paint their own ‘sunny summer feelings’ accompanied by local artists. All small paintings together make a huge painting of 1.50 x 7.60 mtrs  which can be seen at the Tourism Office in town. Artists are working at their studios and can be visited during the afternoon
    Wijspijs organises artwalks in the fortified town of Heusden, with 3 restaurants and 10 galleries joining this special project. Professional tourguides of the Heusden Visitor Centre will walk you along the galleries and restaurants meanwhile telling you about the history of the old town and the stylish restored buildings. Gallery visits will alternate with a […]
  • Kunst Biënnale – 14 en 15 september
    Every two years, the art route along galleries and studios in town. This has always been a huge success.   Actual information about all events can be found on the following websites:  en
  • Heusden Nachtwacht – Augustus 23rd
    All galleries stay open untill 1 am. With live music, wines, drinks and small food in the galleries.